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By Sam Stanhope. For example, what is going on here…. Why is the dog sat at a bar with a glass of wine? Has he been smoking those cigarettes in the ash tray in front of him? I guess we will never know. Us humans are quite fascinated with the unexplained. His mate is a monkey. Her pet being a deer, and that deer being stood on a bed. Nothing out of the ordinary going on here.

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Published Monday, October 8, The most famous supernatural phenomena can be explained by science. Or can it?

The Curse of Oak Island comes The UnXplained, a one-hour, non-fiction series that explores the world’s most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries.

Google Earth compiles images from various sources, from satellites in geosynchronous orbit that snap low-resolution photos from tens of thousands of miles above Earth, to satellites closer to Earth that capture higher-resolution shots and even aerial photos taken from airplanes, kites, drones and even balloons. The imagery is available to anyone who downloads the software, and archaeologists have taken advantage of the rich resource.

From a boneyard of military planes, to a polka-dot pattern created by ants, to mysterious structures etched into the Gobi Desert and even a phantom island in the South Pacific, Google Earth brings some wacky places to light. Here’s a look at some of the strangest. Originally published on LiveScience on April 18, Scientists discovered more than 50 geoglyphs across northern Kazakhstan in Central Asia, including this swastika-shaped design.

Though the swastika symbol was created from timber, many of the geoglyphs were made of earthen mounds. The geoglyphs seem to date back 2, years. At the time, swastikas were not uncommon across Europe and Asia and were not of course affiliated with any political beliefs. This Google Earth image is an eye-full and a mouthful, as it’s an island-in-a-lake-on-an-island-in-a-lake-on-an-island. For years apparently, this phenomenon was thought to be the largest of its kind spied by Google Earth.

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The Vintage Store is een vintage winkel in Cruquius. Zij bestaat uit een mengeling van retro, vintage, antiek en modern. De winkel wordt gerund door werknemers van Paswerk, vrijwilligers, mensen met een afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt en een kleine groep vaste medewerkers. In won The Vintage Store de Paswerkprijs voor sociaal ondernemen.

Ook was ze de gezelligste winkel van Heemstede in

Baku Girls – Welcome to one of the largest online dating sites where you can find Baku – Azerbaijan Show more 62 photos Baku people: long fringe girl events and other unexplained occurrences, many of them based on American urban.

Our common understanding of the past is one of larger-than-life people, events, and movements. We remember the heroes, villains, triumphs, catastrophes, and trends that marked their eras and informed the eras to come. But what that version of history leaves out are the far smaller moments, the ones that served neither as a culmination of recent trends nor as a sign of things to come.

These are the odd, unique little pieces of the past that would never show up on a timeline, that don’t reverberate through the ages but nevertheless remain utterly fascinating. One could say that strange photos first began to emerge not long after the invention of photography itself. While it was just a simple black-and-white image, it was a technological marvel of its time. But before long, it was used for much more than showing a murky view.

During the s, police departments began using the new invention to take some of the very first versions of mugshots. The nature of long-exposure photography meant that suspects often needed to be physically held down by several people in order to get the photo. This, of course, led to some truly shocking images that could’ve never been captured in an old-fashioned illustration. From an image of an entire human nervous system extracted from the body to a picture of the unassembled face of the Statue of Liberty, it was easier than ever before for people to learn about the exciting — yet utterly strange — world around them.

Throughout the 20th century, countless photographers clamored to document the changing world around them. Whether it was taking snapshots of wars, new inventions, or just strange sights on the street, everyone with a camera had the potential to preserve a piece of history.

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The drug-fueled cult film may hide more secrets than it initially seemed. See more ideas about Creepy, Creepy old photos, Old photos. Memento mori photography was a trend that came to be in the midth century, which translates to “remember you must die,” was supported by photographers being commissioned at the time by families to photograph their deceased loved ones as a way to memorialize them.

Two clowns and a Santa visit a children’s hospital, ‘s. This leg found among ashes is from John Bentley, a year-old.

Buzzfeed 25 completely unexplainable dating site pictures. Use online Russia, but it’s 20 most bizarre dating websites top Meanwhile, or 8 weird, comedies.

Baku Girl Images. I bet you if I chose a random movie on Netflix, it would have the exact same plot. Friends lock arms in Baku Girls tend to walk arm in arm in Baku. There is also a “wild” beaches, which can be accessed free of charge. Join Facebook to connect with Baku Girls and others you may know. Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Residents of Baku are outraged by sex-workers openly working in the main street of the city.

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Morgellons disease is a controversial, unexplained skin condition. Here you’ll find answers to common questions about Morgellons and suggestions for coping with it. Morgellons disease is an uncommon, poorly understood condition characterized by small fibers or other particles emerging from skin sores. People with this condition often report feeling as if something were crawling on or stinging their skin.

Some doctors recognize the condition as a delusional infestation and treat it with cognitive behavioral therapy, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs and counseling.

Photo courtesy of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Alberta, Canada. world’s oldest known shipwreck, dating to the time of ancient Greece, one of Greece’s leading archaeologists, finally discovered the site of.

Despite the fact that Machu Picchu was built over years ago, with no mortar used to hold together its stones, and sits up a mountain — on an earthquake fault! Located 50 miles from Cusco, Machu Picchu measures an incredible square miles in the Peruvian Andes, some 7, feet above sea level. In Yale archeologist Hiram Bingham and a small team of seven set out to find the lost city of Vilcabamba, but would soon find themselves led to one of the most fascinating places the world had never known.

Dating back to at least the 14th century, it is now considered a Wonder of the Modern World. Even with the latest in 21st technology, scientists are baffled as to how Incas built this city without steel, mortar, or wheels. Who Called Machu Picchu Home?

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See more ideas about Scary, Creepy, Very scary. Check out these 12 scary photos that are entirely real. Some were taken minutes before and after tragedies, and even on their deathbeds. Wallpaper can convey the depths of emotion and feeling and whatever you want them to convey.

25 Completely Unexplainable Dating Site Pictures. Online dating can be really, really weird. By Dave Stopera.

Pocket-lint – Since the dawn of time, the human race has seen mystery and intrigue around every corner. Mysterious events have been put down to the supernatural, the paranormal and even the extra-terrestrial. One things for sure, there have been a lot of unexplained mysteries over the centuries and with modern technology giving people greater access to photography and previously unexplored parts of the galaxy, there are bound to be plenty more cropping up. We’ve tracked down some of the most famous alien and monster photographs ever taken to show just how weird and wonderful the world can be.

Nessie is the fabled creature that famously inhabits Loch Ness in Scotland. This monster might well be the oldest of the unexplained mysteries on our list as the earliest reports of sightings date back to AD. Since that time, plenty of people have claimed to see the monster of the Loch but there have also been many false sightings, hoaxes and misidentifications that have included everything from trees to natural gases.

It might be a bit of a stretch, but some have theorised that it’s not a mistake in the painting or a cloud in the sky because if you look carefully, you can see a man standing below staring up at the object. The explosion flattened square miles of forest, toppling around 80 million trees and yet somehow resulted in no loss of human life. It has been theorised that the Tunguska event, as it has been designated, was caused by an air bursting meteoroid but no one really knows for sure. There was no impact crater, so the conjecture is simply that it broke up in the atmosphere somewhere between three and six miles above the Earth’s surface.

The explosion is calculated to have been 1, times greater than that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. The Tunguska event has since lead to much discussion about asteroid impact avoidance , a growing fear of extinction-level events and has helped to spawn a multitude of science fiction films. During the 19 th and 20th Centuries, spiritualism took a grip on society with many people believing that mediums could help communicate with the dead.

‘A Hinge date saved my life’ and other cancer dating stories

Dating in is hard enough during a global pandemic – but how do you go about it if you’ve got cancer to contend with too? BBC journalist Keiligh Baker explores the challenges as she sets out to find love. I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia three years ago, aged I had been with my then-boyfriend for seven months when constant breathlessness, weight loss, unexplained bruising and a dramatic air ambulance rescue from a Scottish island led to my diagnosis.

The CDC report noted that the condition is most often seen in middle-aged white women, and its symptoms are very similar to those of a mental illness involving.

Buzzfeed awkward dating sites I find this perception amazingly real. There will be places you pla? Dating apps have changed how we view online – see more make it real. We are fortunate that so scariest smart people hold us to high expectations journalistically, culturally, and ethically. Even though scariest research profiles that selfportraits now make up 30 percent of all photos among people ages 18 to 24, The Worst Photo for Your Dating Profile It’s really a shame that apps like Tinder and Hinge didn’t get popular a few years earlier.

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The datasets generated for this study are available on request to the corresponding author. Online dating is continually on the rise and nowadays a widely used and accepted way to find different kinds of companionship. This relatively new interpersonal phenomenon has provided an especially important virtual space for non-heterosexuals. Previous research on behaviors and trends on dating communities online for sexual minorities has focused primarily on sites for gay men in Anglo-Saxon countries.

The purpose of the present study is to examine self-presentations on the Nordic LGBTQ online dating scene and possible gender-dependent differences in self-presentation. The countries on average also have low population density with large rural areas and consequently limited scenes for non-heterosexuals.

25 Completely Unexplainable Dating Site Pictures. Online dating can be really, really weird. Michelle GuilloryLOLs · Most of the internet memes are spread by.

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If you want to scare yourself even more, check out our other creepy lists, This is an amazing image collection of some of the funniest unexplainable photos that internet has ever seen, and we have collected for your entertainment. Taken in , this is the photograph of Goddard’s squadron which served in WWI and allegedly contains the ghost of a deceased.

But now in the age of iPhones where millions of photos are snapped a second there seems to be a void of unexplained mysterious photos. The Blackhead Lighthouse was first lit in and marks the very northern end of Belfast Lough where it opens into the North Channel that separates Northern Ireland and Scotland.

These images are chilling. Sometimes media such as photos and video are linked to murder victims who remain unidentified, other times the people are involved in mysteries that are unsolved Post away and if theres any info A-Z of Unexplained mysteries like Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness Monster, UFO and Aliens, Paranormal.

a clue about. Here let’s indulge ourselves in 22 of the weirdest, most unexplained photos that just don’t need an answer. Go on a romantic date they said, stare at the stars they said. Luckily for him, he’s part of OAP breakdown service.

Cooper took a photo of his family in their new house in Texas, but got quite a surprise when a corpse later appeared in the shot. Wanting to study the Hessdalen lights, professor Bjorn Hauge took this photo with a second exposure. He later claimed that the object seen in the sky was made from silicon, steel, titanium and scandium. Nicknamed the Black Knight, this mysterious, spaceship-like object has been spotted following an unusual polar orbit.

His identity remains unknown to this very day. When the drama of John F. The FBI was never able to locate her. Freddy Jackson, a Royal Air Force mechanic, appeared in the background of this group photo taken two days after his death. In August , members of the Russel family visited their grandmother in the home where she was living. They were later surprised to discover, in the background of this photo, the image of their grandfather who had died three years earlier.

A time traveler, perhaps? This photo was taken over a century ago, but whose hand is that?

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